Phase Inspections

Under Construction? Paul Cornell & Associates offers the flexibility to inspect your property at every phase of the build. From foundation to finish, our inspectors can see you through every phase of the project. Phase construction inspections are a series of inspections that are carried out during the construction of a building or structure to ensure that the work is being done according to industry standards and are usually done in a professional and workmanlike manner.

Foundation/Framing inspection: This inspection is conducted after the foundation has been poured and the framing is constructed, and when the exterior building is weather tight.

Rough-in inspection: This inspection is conducted after the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems have been installed but before they are covered up by insulation, drywall, or other finishes. The inspector will verify that these systems have been installed properly and that no deficiencies or problems exist prior to being covered.

Final inspection: This inspection is conducted after all construction work has been completed and before the building is occupied or put into use. The inspector will verify that all construction work has been completed in a professional and work-like manner. Any defects, deficiencies, or cosmetic issues will be identified so that a punch list can be generated for any final repairs or touch up. Overall, phase construction inspections play a critical role in ensuring that construction work is done safely, correctly, and in a professional workman-like manner that meets industry standards.

This is the 5th time I used Paul to inspect a house (for me and friends). He came highly rated 25 yrs ago when I bought my house. I call him every time I need a home inspection done. He does a great thorough job every time. He gets there well in advance of the inspection time to scope out things from the outside. When I get there he already has several things to go over. He is very personable and explains everything as he goes around and through the house. He takes pictures of all problem areas for the report. He checks every outlet/switch, opens every window. He is methodical so that he can deduce the source of problems. He knows building codes and points out everything not done how it should be. When he is done, I feel confident nothing is missed.
While walking through the house, he explains how systems work for future reference. He covers how to maintain things. The report is delivered electronically shortly after and is very detailed. He is available to answer questions about the report for as long as you own the house. I will continue to recommend him to anyone who asks. Most real estate agents want his number to refer him once they see the work he does.

Mike Broderick